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Hot Sausage - Blackrock Depths Style

First, let me introduce myself as Ninja S.

The Great Kielbasa has deemed me worthy of his tastiness and I have partaken in private with Ninja F for many years. And so, as the dawn of our 30th year approaches, you can find me here, preparing for the feast with visions of dancing fat globules in my dreams.

For my first post, let me describe the insanity that was our Blackrock Depths run last night. I'm lame and forgot to take screenshots, something I won't forget again.

So, the squadron got together in Kargath for a good old-fashioned ass-whipping last night at the usual time. The thing about BRD is that it's fucking HUGE, and I mean like pre-Molten Core "we don't give a shit if you want to take a Shatner or piss, you'll play this fucker until you cry from it" huge. It does make me happy to know better times and instances which do not take 14 hours are right down the road for us now. That being said, the younger sausages really need to see the old content. It's worth it! Go see the shit yourself, it's good.

Anyways, we are really coming together as a unit, we brutalized the place for the most part. When you can AOE pull the whole instance you know something is being done right. We got some pretty good loot too, although with the BC bump it'll all be useless in a week. I've never been to the place and had it that easy to be honest, and we killed EVERY mob. Every one. To the point of being ridiculous, but the XP is worth it.

BRD Review: 3.5'' kielbasa
Squadron performance: 4.5'' kielbasa (we got lost a few times)

Til next time, may the grease drip slowly from your twice-baked kielbasa.

Ninja S