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5-Man Upper Blackrock Spire


On Wednesday the squadron put their nuts in the soup big time and attempted a 5-man UBRS run. Our lowest level is 57 and our highest was 62, which means we have nuts of steel because the shit is designed for 10 people of level 60.

It actually ran pretty smoothly, mostly because we are a well-oiled killing machine at this point. We blew right through the first mobs, got to the fire dude and kicked his ass too. So at this point my dumb ass was convinced we could do the Leroy Jenkins achievement. We grouped up and came up with a plan. Syeris was going to run through a bajillion eggs and bubble as soon as he needed to. At the same time, I was supposed to run through a bajillion eggs and then we were going to meet up in the middle, guaranteeing we would have at least 50 whelps and then AOE the everliving shit out of them. We executed the plan flawlessly! Unfortunately, this meant we had 900 FUCKING BILLION whelps. They killed us after we had 17 down. Gonna try that one again at 70!

So we breezed through the rest, teabagged Rend, kicked the crap out of the Beast (no skin) and then wiped on the damn pull right outside the beast's lair. In our defense it's always been the hardest pull in the place in my opinion. Also in our defense, I forgot the big dragons are immune to cc. So, we planned it pretty well but when all of our cc failed they kicked our ass.

Finally, we got to General Drakkisath! I have to say our strategy for this was top-notch balls-to-the-wall sweetness. The second time anyways. The first time, I got a huge ego and decided I could just tank all three until we killed them all one-by-one. That's fantastic unless your tank gets confused and all three go and fuck the rest of your party sideways. So the second time around I tanked the two adds and Killbasa tanked the general until we had the guards down. Syeris and Onizuka id a bomb-ass job of running around healing people who needed it and we kicked his ass! Loot was alright but with BC pretty much useless. We did get the achievement and we'll be back for Jenkins later...