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Sausage in the Toaster

Meet the Kielbasa Squadron, our World of Warcraft Guild on US Terenas. 3 of us had happily quit Warcraft and moved on with our lives, and then Farina decided to fuck us all over again by scheduling 2 nights a week. Damn him! He also conned 2 of his friends from work. Here's the breakdown:

Farina: Syeris (Paladin) - Gayer than John Tesh and half the man...Syeris is a constant target of kielbasa humor and New Kids on the Block jokes.

Robby: Trallyne (Mage) - I was fucking jacked when I found out we would have a mage, they can port me places when I'm too lazy to walk there. His specialties include having a virtual vagina and irl penis, turning shit into sheep, and competing for DPS with:

Sean: Onizuka (Shadow Priest) - We just found out last night he can turn into a goddamned cloud of shadows which is pretty sweet. He also dots the crap out of stuff and heals my furry ass in a pinch. Sean and Robby are definitely rocking the Basa!

Chris: Killbasa (Death Knight) - Chris was a member of our original squad and is pretty hardcore. Lately we've been making fun of him for switching from a Hunter to a DK, who are completely unfair and were designed for autistic 9 year-olds.

Jeremy (Moi): Mcqoqenspiel (Feral Druid) - I am loving my feral druid tank, just as much as I loved my other feral tank. It's looking like Blizzard has made it a point to make them as good as warriors for tanking so I'm pretty pumped for later levels and tanking the harder content.

Look for more posts about the squadron as our adventures continue!