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Stratholme and Dire Maul

Back again from Sunday when we decided the best thing to do was to finally complete the Classic Dungeonmaster!

First stop: Stratholme
Admittedly we were way overpowered for both of these instances on Sunday. It's been a issue we've had the whole time really. There is so much content and leveling is so fast now that you simply can't do it all at an appropriate level. I have a feeling BC is going to be a blur. Killbasa is almost 67 and we've only done one Burning Crusade instance! Anyways, we breezed through Strat, what a great job by Blizz on this place. It brought back a lot of cool memories and Oni and Trallyne got to see it for the first time which is cool. Can't wait to see the new Caverns of Time version in Wrath of the Lich King! Nothing to stumble on here, we murdered everything in short order and I was able to ninja most of the Holy Water boxes. Syeris and Killbasa were bitching back and forth at each other about how unfair Death Knights are too so it was entertaining for all!

And then: Dire Maul
DIre Maul is pretty fantastic. I've leveled 2 other toons to 70 and I've been playing since beta but for some reason I never got here much. It was cool to see all the wings again. It was getting late and we just wanted the achievement so we burned through and avoided what we could. Trallyne decided to make things interesting and pulled like 450 trees and flowers and bag ladies and whatever the hell else is in that place and we did wipe once. It's ok, he's been flogged. Other than that we pwnd face and everyone but Syeris and Killbasa got their achievement! Syeris, have fun in the Stockade. Killbasa, have fun soloing half of WoW :P