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Annoying shit about Love is in the Air

Alright, we're in a heated race to pimp ourselves over the major capitals of the world this week for the Love is in the Air event. Since everyone except Syeris (he's averse to carnal, orgasmic pleasure and fast things) wants a proto-drake before 2031 we're doing everything! I'm compiling a few helpful hints from your friends at the Squadron. Horde only, as Alliance is terribad.

  1. First-off, let's not reinvent the wheel. Here is a great guide. But, there are still some extras they don't include.
  2. For Heartmender, don't worry- there is no fucking way to tell if someone is heartbroken without clicking every bastard in the city. Really convenient. Luckily people will shout it out, and you should go somewhere obvious and shout out that you have bracelets and a hankerin' to use them.
  3. Make sure you grab some booze before heading to the UC for Flirting with Disaster. Cheap is good, but you can always visit the AH if you're lazy- I couldn't find any vendors with the stuff there though.
  4. Nearest and Dearest is ridiculous. The dude is farther away than Haley's fucking Comet, and harder to find. First, fly to Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad. Then, head due east across the river. When you hit mountains, you should be able to find a ziggy-zaggy path heading up the slope. This is the path to Ravenholdt, also known as the most useless fucking reputation I've ever earned as a player. When you go through the cave you'll see the manor. Walk PAST the manor to the edge of the cliff, and head North along the cliff path. Dude is at the end of the path, at 89.2, 74.9.
  5. Nation of Adoration has some awesome quirks no one tells you about as well. First of all, if you don't have the adored debuff, DON'T speak to a guard if you want this achievement. Doing so will give you the wrong goddamned thing and you'll have to wait another hour for it. YOU MUST DO THIS TO A NON-GUARD for the achievement. Ridiculous, yes. In the UC, the mushroom vendor that travels around the top ring will work. In Orgrimmar, use Warcaller Gorlach right off the bird tower.
  6. My Love is like a Red, Red, Rose. the only news here is that even though it says you can use a red bouquet, you can't still get them. You must be high-level and you must get the ebon roses unless you already had the red from last year. Easiest thing to do is run Utgarde Keep once for each person in your party, you just have to kill the first boss. 100% drop rate but only 1 per trip. CONVENIENCE FTW.
  7. Fistful of love is annoying, but you can get achievement trackers so that when you roll over people it tells you if you need to molest them or not. I have the pleasure of being a target molestation class, so I'm always bathed in a masculine rose petal shower. I recommend doing some battlegrounds to get all the right combinations. I'm sure allies will stand still for you >.>
  8. I Pitied the Fool is just their lame attempt at making sure you are 80 to do all of this. Why can't they just put a goddamned level requirement on the drake? Have fun traveling all over the world emoting to inanimate objects. I'm not bitter ><
  9. for Lonely?, there are two things. First, you have to be in Dalaran, which requires actually reading the achievement. Nazz, that was for you. Second, you just need to find someone with it, you don't need the basket yourself.
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Kielbasa is in the Air!

Been a while, but we're back now! Everyone has been hard at work leveling to 80. Killbasa, being the bitch he is, hit it 5 months ago while we were all level 4. The dude doesn't sleep, we're all jealous. The rest of us are in our mid 70's now and going strong. We've worked our way through all of the pre-80 content at this point. The best was probably running Gundrak at about 4 levels lower than we should have been (except Killbasa *sigh*) and kicking ass.

Last night we decided to kill Onyxia (she has a huge sack) and then dick around with the world event for a bit. More on that in a few! The cool thing is that last night, even without Trallyne, we had 10 people over level 60. We have a raid! I can't fucking wait until we are all 80's and kicking ass :P