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Kielbasa is in the Air!

Been a while, but we're back now! Everyone has been hard at work leveling to 80. Killbasa, being the bitch he is, hit it 5 months ago while we were all level 4. The dude doesn't sleep, we're all jealous. The rest of us are in our mid 70's now and going strong. We've worked our way through all of the pre-80 content at this point. The best was probably running Gundrak at about 4 levels lower than we should have been (except Killbasa *sigh*) and kicking ass.

Last night we decided to kill Onyxia (she has a huge sack) and then dick around with the world event for a bit. More on that in a few! The cool thing is that last night, even without Trallyne, we had 10 people over level 60. We have a raid! I can't fucking wait until we are all 80's and kicking ass :P