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@#$%^&! - AKA Heroic Watch Him Die Strategy

I put together a group to start trying the Azjul'Nerub hard achievements, thinking it would take us 30 minutes since at this point we're into Ulduar and have cleared naxx half a dozen times.

After 2 hours of wipes, we couldn't finish Watch Him Die. It's like we need 5 facerolling Death Knights for this shit! Here's some awesome art to describe the encounter:

We tried several strats we read on Wowhead. The first was zerging. They completely whipped our asses on this one even with a goddamned amazing tank! Too many weird web and cc effects.

We then tried doing one group at a time, and we got to the 3rd group and even pulled the boss. The blinding guy is a cheating bastard and wiped us a few times, and those are the times we didn't get wrapped first.

So, I present you with sound strategies for next time!

With our group makeup I think this is the best strat to use:

1. Unzip our pants, and don't kill any of the little bastard critters in the tunnel
2. I pull all the mobs
3. Repent and Shackle (why the fuck didn't we shackle last night? I totally forgot) the 2 Skirmishers because they hit like an angry foster parent
4. I kite the fuckers all the way to the top of the instance. I pop lots of cooldowns and buy you lots of time. Apparently the watchers are extremely slow, and without skirmishers beating my ass I think I can last quite a while like this. By the time I die and the watchers return-
5. Chris tanks the boss in DPS mode and you fuck him sideways
6. Profit

Alternate strategy!
1. Cut a hole in that box
2. Pull one group at a time like last night
3. After the 2nd group, pull the boss. Crowd control on the 2 non- watcher mobs in the 3rd group.
4. Mark will set up a focus macro to constantly focus on and interrupt the 3rd watcher. THIS IS THE ASSHOLE that blinds us all. It's a 2 second cast, and Mark has played Super Mario Brothers.
5. Kill boss with 3 watchers and 2 CC'd mobs up.
6. Stick your junk in the box.
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For the Horde!

Just to let everyone know...The Squadron officially supports the Horde. Additionally we now support Mountain Dew since they are giving away a free in game pet. FYI...I'm a pet whore!