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Breaking News!! World of Warcraft loses 50% of all subscribers

(FYI: Sometimes you have to just say bullshit things to get attention when you're a tiny ninja blog)

However, let's face it folks, China just banned gold farming! That means a huge amount of subscribers are going...going...gone.

In a snap decision, Blizzard made a statement saying "We are planning on adding Gold Farming NPCs in patch 3.2." It is good to see that all hope is not lost, and that a virtual Chinese Gnome will still be "spawn-camping" whatever quest I am currently working on.

In related news, My Dixie Wrecked!
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How to fight in the Argent Tournament - A Video Tutorial

Our first in a long line of video World of Warcraft tutorials here on NinjaCamp. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome as we get the wrinkles out of our process...

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The Good Old Days :)

So, I dug this up tonight while looking for some files for a top secret project. Ninja F and I submitted this fucker to Blizzard to win beta spots in the original WoW. I don't think they liked our language or something...

Clearly the best comic ever, except for the misuse of "your". That is like my worst pet peeve, I can't believe I did it!
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We got Jizz!

As it turns out, Mountain Dew in their quest to push their products, forces you to go to their site every day for a five pack of the battle-bot fuel. Once you log back into the game your mailbox will be filled with this awkward "five pack" (don't sodas come in six packs). You can then use the magic jizz to power up your robot pal.

Crazy enough, red ones fight blue ones, and blue ones fight red ones, and orange ones hat ethnicities. Also, if you get two or more of the same color bots together they will send love sparks toward each other. It's fairly erotic.

Jizzless Battlebot

I'd recommend everyone who doesn't already have one of these little guys get to clicking the Mountain dew link on this site right away. Each time you sign up a baby elephant poops!
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Link Frenzy & Doggy Style Teen Porn (for the SEO)

Alright peepers, I'm the master of looking up random shit on WoW all day when I should be working. I have a few good links for you from the less-traveled World of Warcraft internets. Hit it:

All-around good shit: - A new one I found that really helps in finding the harder-to-locate blogs out there. - Data mining in the armory for fun and profit - MEATPLOW

WTF all the good Druid bloggers just quit WoW.

Tanks: - yes - for all classes

Warlocks: - Good blog in a sea of crappy and outdated lock info
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Mt. Dew BATTLE-BOT sans Jizz

So, I love my new Mt. Dew battle-bot, but I can't find the fucking jizz you fill it with? Without this magic love juice, the bot just kind of stands around looking stupid.

Jizzless Battlebot

It does however honk and squeak like the love child of R2-D2 and a chipmunk, which I'm sure will be fun for the upcoming Battle-Bot orgies.

Jizzless Battlebot

All in all, I'd say this whole marketing inside of WoW thing isn't looking too horrible...yet.

Jesus you can't spell - editor