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Who we are, and where we play

I'm getting a lot of fan mail asking "Do you play WoW?"

The short answer is yes. The long answer started five and a half years ago with a beta key and a dream. Both NinjaS (McQoqenspiel) and NinjaF (Syeris) spend time in the World of Warcraft when not watching ninja themed porno.

We mostly play on the realm Terenas as members of the most feared fighting force, The Kielbasa Squadron.

Additionally, you may run up against the badmamajamma Vienna Meat Plow, our hard core 2v2 death squad.

So feel free to come and join the party! Drop us a line at if you need any more information.
Read More Ninja Action!

Don't let the commies win!

Get the new Flash Player if you run Windows, apparenty they figured out a way to introduce a keylogger to nab your login info if you hit various WoW websites. Check for those files on your pc as well!