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Raid Report 3/3

Raid Report

Nice raid! I'm going to start putting reports here so we have a nice history going forward, and can better track who had to sit out any given raid. On Sunday, plan to head right to Festergut (after doing the zombie dance), who I think we will down easily. Remember to watch these videos before Sunday:

Professor Putricide

As for Ventrilo, I would love to hear your thoughts. I prefer Mumble personally because we own it and I don't think Ventrilo really improved anything for Mark. I do appreciate Lade letting us use that though, thanks. My thought is that since Mark is buying a new router, we try Mumble again on Sunday.

Regarding sitting out, hopefully no one gets ass-hurt about it. Seemed to be ok for me. It's rare we have everyone anyways. Officially, Ebeneezer sat out last night. Who would like to volunteer for Sunday? If no one does, we will just choose someone then through peer pressure and intimidation.