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Arthas Lich King Strategy

This will be updated with the latest Arthas strategy!


- LK Should be taken to the edge of the platform, around where the large cracks are.
- ALL dps on LK. Give the MT several seconds before DPSing.
- Range dps and healers should be 12 yds away from the LK on the cracks.
- OT should be at the edge of the platform ready to pick up the shambling horror. The horror must be 12 yds from both the LK group and the heals/range group. Face the horror away from the raid. Hunter should MD the horror to the OT.
- The horror has an enrage mechanic and hunters or rogues should counter this.
- MT needs to pick up smaller ghouls as soon as they spawn. DPS Should periodically throw in AOE to help thin these mobs over time.
- Infest damages everyone slightly, just heal them to 90% to remove it. Keeping the raid hotted makes this ability inconsequential.
- The key to this phase is managing Necrotic Plague. As soon as someone gets it they have 4 seconds to run to the shambling horror. They must stand closer to the horror than anything else around them, and they must be cleansed. The plague will jump to the horror, they run back and continue DPS. Marking the "plague target" Horror with a skull helps in this phase.
- Phase 1 lasts until 70%.

- Everyone must move outside the cracks, as the AOE constantly present during this phase hits everything within them.
- The OT (if he still has a shambling horror) must move the horror to the edge of the platform in such a way that the plague won't jump to anyone else when it jumps. He will need cleansed one final time after the horror dies.

- People should be grouped up on one side of the platform and ready for DPS.
- Varztok should be assigned the frost orbs as they spawn, they have only 6k health.
- LK will summon raging spirits originating from a random raid member (3 in total). They should be tanked facing over the edge of the platform, as they have a frontal cone silence ability. All dps should concentrate on these. They have 750k health.
- LK will cause slight raidwide damage via a lightning attack throughout this short phase.
- the OT should tank the 3rd and final raging spirit so that the MT can pick up the LK at the end of the phase.
- Phase 2 lasts 60 seconds.

- As the LK begins casting quake, everyone should run to the middle.
- Be careful to avoid getting anywhere near any remaining frost orbs as you run
- Stay away from the front of the final remaining raging spirit
- Finish off the final raging spirit after the raid is in position

- Start with the raid centrally grouped in the inner circle but spread out a bit, a Val'kyr will come before the first defile.
- The tanks will be getting hit by Soul Reaper. After a tank is initially hit, the OT will need to taunt off. The original tank needs to be healed quickly before the 5 second duration expires and they take an additional 50,000 dmg. The tanks will need to do this for the duration of this phase. In an ideal world Syeris can solo this ability, freeing Wlade up for slowing the Val'kyr and helping us DPS them down. We should try this first.
- As soon as a Valkyr grabs someone, Killbasa must Icy Chains it (need to determine control sequence). They have 450k hp. ALL dps on the Val'kyr, stuns slows and snares are important.
- As soon as the Val'kyr goes down, spread out.
- On Defile casts, everyone MUST be away from the target, which should stay still or run to the edge of the platform. When the defile finishes casting, the defile void zone will land on them where they are currently standing, so they should keep moving to escape it asap. Dropping these in good locations is key.
- Phase 3 lasts until the LK hits 40%. As the LK approaches 40% the tanks should move the boss to the edge in preparation for remorseless winter.

- This transition seems key. If the LK is low enough to move him out it makes sense to do that so the raid is ready for remorseless winter. If val'kyr come during this part you have to decide whether to burn the val'kyr or take LK to 40%, making the val'kyr drop harmless (as the floor will be there again). We just need experience for that.
- Everyone should run to the very edge of the platform. LK will start his AOE again which will extend the platform. You must again all be outside the cracks to avoid taking damage.


- In this phase he will summon raging spirits a bit more quickly, resulting in 4 appearing instead of 3. The MT and OT should take turns picking them up and the raid should burn them down immediately.
- We can expect to carry two raging spirits into phase 5.
- Phase 4 lasts 60 seconds.

- The OT should taunt any remaining raging spirits so the MT can continue to tank LK. Melee DPS should continue killing the raging spirits until they are down.

- The LK should be grabbed by the MT and taken to the far edge of the platform until vile spirits are summoned.
- LK uses defile again in this phase.
- As soon as vile spirits appear, all range DPS should focus them down while staying at max range. The MT should pull the LK to the complete opposite side of the room during this first 20 seconds, so they spirits have to travel farther to reach them. They have 66k health. Warlock Seed of Corruption works really well here, Anna may be required.
- After 20 seconds of DPS on the spirits, they will target a player and run after them. They ARE susceptible to stuns, snares, taunts, etc. They should be kited and killed. The OT can taunt them to help with this process.
- Sometime while the first group of vile spirits are chasing the raid, LK will target someone and cast Harvest Soul on them. They need constant healing for 6 seconds, after which they will enter frostmourne and have to perform their duty there. If they are a DPS they need to help DPS the mob. If they are a healer they need to heal the good guy. He channels an 8 second cast that will kill Terenas at the end if he is not stunned or interrupted in some way.


SPLUG- "As the spirits trickle down one or two at a time, you don't really have to worry about multiple spirits hitting the same player, either. We found that even without bothering to taunt them at all, or move, or kill them, or really pay attention to the spirits beyond spreading out and healing, we were able to increase our damage to the boss without putting players in significant jeopardy. It's worth mentioning that melee will need to spread out if there is no offtank taunting spirits that were heading toward them."

"Honestly, have one of the tanks respec DPS and have the fury warrior go prot. Put vigilance on the main tank and run to a corner and spam taunt the spirits. I did this in my alliance guild on my own warrior and out of 3-4 vile spirit waves maybe 2 hit anyone but me. Paladins and druids are both completely capable of solo-tanking the soul reaper. By doing this you also can put absolutely zero dps on them and just burn lich king the whole time. (we had an elemental shaman and warlock as our only 2 ranged in that group)"

- It seems like if we can get Syeris or Wlade to single tank the LK, the other can taunt spirits away from the raid and absorb most of the incoming damage.

- The fight ends when LK hits 10%.