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Raid Report 6/16

Here it is!

It was a good raid, lots of fun and decent loots for the new Qintana. Here is a tidbit from our email digest that needs to be saved for antiquity:

From Dan:
Lol, sorry guys, she can't get enough of me! Not going to be able to make it again tonight :(

Answered by Madison:
Have you tried being less sexy? I too am cursed with being "all that" and have had to try and turn it down a notch or two just to make it through the day without servicing the multitudes of waiting women. I find the most effective tactic is to grow out my dick fro and gain weight in only my left testicle. I know what your asking yourself, "how do you gain wait in a nut?" Easy friends just train yourself to only blow a load from the left nut, then the right one grows fat from laziness. You can also beat the baby maker left handed, but not as effective. So now that you have a huge bush and one fat lazy ball the only thing left to do is get a Tasmanian devil tattoo on your left bi-cep and your third grade girlfriends name in cursive writing on your right peck. If you feel the need to take it over the top I suggest a tasteful sleeveless t-shirt, preferably NASCAR if you can find one. You are now unattractive to any female with the exception of maybe the occasional trailer park whore or lot lizard. If for some reason your GF still wants you to put a baby in her, then I suggest stuffing your penis between your legs ala crying game and when she sees you tell her you've always wanted to try lesbian sex and refer to your old penis as your hate stick.

Soo..... see you at the raid tonight.