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Raid Report 7/28

Here it is!

Nice job, a few progressive attempts at Heroic Halion but we weren't feeling it last night. Then we spanked some heroic ICC, feeling good about that. We may return Sunday, and on Wednesday I would like to head right into ICC and get through Rotface and Valithria at the least. Thanks!
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Raid Report 7/26

Here it is! Fun raid thanks Anna!
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Raid Report 7/25

Here it is, I only captured ICC for some reason.

Lemme know if anyone else has RS data.
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Raid Report 7/22

Here it is!
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Gear Check!

Here you go guys, you can thank my ass later :P Check this out peeps, I did the dirty work for you. Learn to use Rawr to get your relative stat values and then GuildOX to check gear. Obviously its all subject to your optimization, but this is a great place to start.

Sierra is here

Bryan is here.

Madison is here.

Dan is here.

AJ is here.

Anna is here.

Farina is here.

Johnson is here.

Sean is here.
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Raid Report 7/14

Here it is, our first heroic ICC raid.

Overall I'd say we did very well, I wonder where this puts us in the rankings? Next week, expect to blast through these guys and work on the following, in this order:

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Raid Report 7/7

Here it is!

Thanks a lot Dan, for the help. Looks like 3 healers is really nice on this fight. Very close, we got him to 16%.
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Roles in Cataclysm

Can you guys do me a favor? I've been thinking about this and talking to a few about it. I think with Cataclysm looming (we assume this year) its a good time to really think about what you want to do in Cataclysm from a raiding standpoint. Feel like DPSing instead of healing? Tanking instead of DPSing? Now is the time to say that.

I encourage you to change roles or classes, keep the game fresh for yourself. Especially the shaman triplets, if any of you feel like rerolling it would be helpful as having 3 shaman is mildly retarded.

If I could get each of you to reply here with the following it would help me plan my character and role, I want to be flexible to allow each of you your choice:

Role (DPS/heal/tank)
Favorite Flavor of Pudding

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Raid Report 7/6

Raid report here!

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Raid Report 6/30

Report here! Awesome job, really a nice raid. See you on the impromptu kill!