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Roles in Cataclysm

Can you guys do me a favor? I've been thinking about this and talking to a few about it. I think with Cataclysm looming (we assume this year) its a good time to really think about what you want to do in Cataclysm from a raiding standpoint. Feel like DPSing instead of healing? Tanking instead of DPSing? Now is the time to say that.

I encourage you to change roles or classes, keep the game fresh for yourself. Especially the shaman triplets, if any of you feel like rerolling it would be helpful as having 3 shaman is mildly retarded.

If I could get each of you to reply here with the following it would help me plan my character and role, I want to be flexible to allow each of you your choice:

Role (DPS/heal/tank)
Favorite Flavor of Pudding