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Pilgrim's Peril + The Shattering = PAIN IN MY ASS!

So, in an effort to save 5000 gold, multiplied by several characters, I'm starting to think that the gold is worth it. Case in point: Now that the anticipated "Shattering" has taken place, the boats to Darnassus from Auberdine (Darkshore) have gone away. There are only a few ways of actually getting to Darnassus now.

Option 1: A new boat now comes from Stormwind docks, which are located deep inside Stormwind. There is no fucking way I am going to run all the way through Stormwind to catch a boat. So, option 1 is definitely out.

Option 2: Swim across. I tried this before with complete failure. My hunter died in the middle of the water after the "Fatigue" bar (from now on referred to as the "Faggot" bar) reached zero. Trying to get my body back, the Faggot bar appeared while I am a ghost. I didn't know DEAD ghosts could Fatigue. Guess what happens when the Faggot bar hits zero and your a ghost? YOU'RE FUCKING BODY DISAPPEARS AND YOU CAN'T RESURRECT. You have to talk to the Spirit Healer and take the 25% damage to your gear and the Res Sickness. Hooray, 100+ gold repair bill. That was before, now Blizzard had the forethought to at least make the distance to swim a little shorter. I did make it across, only after the Faggot bar hit zero again and I died. My ghost was able to run all the way across and then back-track to my body. I resurrected and swam the rest of the way just before the Faggot bar hit zero. This probably would have been easier with a Death Knight (Path of Frost) or a Shaman (Water Walking). I was doing this solo. I guess a swim potion would have helped. But, that thought didn't occur to me until I died from the Faggot bar. So, now we have made it across the dangerous water and eluded the Faggot bar. Oh, hey a welcoming party is greeting me on the shore. Oh, they are 85 elite guards. OH SHIT! They kill you in 3 hits...all Crushing Blows. And you're dead. Who has two thumbs and gets to run across the water again to fetch his body...AGAIN? THIS GUY! Alive again, I finally get through the portal into Darnassus. Oh, sweet more guards and I die just two steps from the portal. Now is a good time to mention that the goal for the "Pilgrims' Peril" achievement is to sit at the feast tables in each of the enemy capital cities. Anyone know where the tables are relative to the portal you walk through? ON THE FUCKING OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY! I yell, "Fuck you Blizzard!" And, I take the res from the spirit healer. I ride in from the entrance to Darnassus and take a seat at the feast table. I'm able to mount and get the fuck out of town.

That's one character down, 2 to more to go. That fiasco might be worth the 5000 gold to avoid. We'll see. I'm off to find a way to the feast tables outside Exodar. Wish me luck.

- Guest poster Varztok, mostly against his will