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Heroic Ozruk = Hunters' Bane...Or Is He

Greetings Fellow Hunters!

By now, I'm sure most of you have had the unfortunate experience of fighting Ozruk in Heroic Stonecore. Just the other day, our guild made our first encounter with him. I was bitching and whining that there was nothing I could do to avoid Paralyze. This fight should be easy, one where hunters shine since we don't have to move at all. Just stand still and spam the rotation. I enjoy watching the tank jump around ping-ponging between the walls. However, Blizzard doesn't want you to just burn him down. Enter Ozruk's spell arsenal. Especially, his Paralyze ability, which is the most frustrating part of the fight since it is not breakable by any of our abilities. We must rely on someone to free us from our state or suffer the 50k damage when the spell expires. There is nothing worse that being stopped mid-rotation and then having your health pool halved. But, fear not! I have found the answer. It turns out you can imbibe during the fight.

That's right, the [Sulfuron Slammer]. Just before the Paralyze, make a toast to Ozruk and drink up. Upon drinking the Sulfuron Slammer, you receive a DoT of 4HP per second for 5 seconds. Just enough time to break the Paralyze yourself. Vanilla WoW to the rescue. I was rolling on the floor laughing at this most basic of solutions. I was like, "4HP per second?! How could anyone endure such a crippling DoT? I mean, my base health is only 106,000." I assume this will work for everyone. The only catch is that it makes you drunk. I mean "Drunk" like you smeared Vaseline all over your monitor drunk.

This is a wonderful exploit that will likely be short lived as it's popularity increases. So, start farming and stay thirsty my friends.

EDIT: I just realized that I forgot to tell your where to get his miraculous beverage. You purchase it from Plugger Spazzring in the Grim Guzzler Bar in BRD. You can use Direbrew's Remote for a quicker trip.
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Cataclysm Raid Schedule

Hey all, With our leveling speed I thought it would be good to get a Cataclysm raid on the calendar. It would be earlier but with the holidays it rarely works. Here it is:


Dec 15: Regular 5s, Heroics
Dec 19: Heroics
Dec 22: Heroics
Dec 26: Heroics
Dec 29: Heroics
Jan 2: Heroics
Jan 5: Our first Cataclysm Raid

This should give everyone ample time to level and gear themselves. Please don't log in on a Wednesday or Sunday night if you don't want to run instances with your guild, it pisses me off a lot because we could really use your help. Obviously there will be a lot of holiday people out so that's why we are holding until January to raid.


As the date approaches I will research the raids and come up with a strategy for our first night. You guys will be expected to know the fights as usual, thanks!
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Critter Killing

OK, so I got a little bored at work, but didn't want to commit to doing a dungeon (PUG's make me suicidal) or questing (trying to level with hundreds of other people in the same zone makes me homicidal). In an effort to appease my guild officers, I figured I would follow the MOTD's orders and "MURDER ALL CRITTERS OR /GKICK". I recalled that there is a nice spot in Howling Fjord (jah, da fjord!) where these stupid turkeys spawn like crazy. I fly my happy ass up there and "Hooray!", the turkeys count for the achievement "Critter Kill Squad". I tried targeting them manually and was getting pissed off, so, using my leet programming skills, I created a macro to target them and shoot them with a push of a button:

/tar [nodead] fjord turkey

It works very well (at least for my hunter) and I killed about 500 turkeys in 30 minutes. I just ran around and pressed the "1" key. (This must be what it's like to play as a mage.) If anyone else has the time or patience, kill the turkeys so we all can get a vanity pet (I assume that's why, since that's the reward). If you find another zone with a high population of cute fuzzy critters to mutilate, then you can just replace "fjord turkey" in the macro. The "[nodead]" is recommended; otherwise, you will be targeting dead bodies (very annoying). Good luck grinding out the 50,000 kills.