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Critter Killing

OK, so I got a little bored at work, but didn't want to commit to doing a dungeon (PUG's make me suicidal) or questing (trying to level with hundreds of other people in the same zone makes me homicidal). In an effort to appease my guild officers, I figured I would follow the MOTD's orders and "MURDER ALL CRITTERS OR /GKICK". I recalled that there is a nice spot in Howling Fjord (jah, da fjord!) where these stupid turkeys spawn like crazy. I fly my happy ass up there and "Hooray!", the turkeys count for the achievement "Critter Kill Squad". I tried targeting them manually and was getting pissed off, so, using my leet programming skills, I created a macro to target them and shoot them with a push of a button:

/tar [nodead] fjord turkey

It works very well (at least for my hunter) and I killed about 500 turkeys in 30 minutes. I just ran around and pressed the "1" key. (This must be what it's like to play as a mage.) If anyone else has the time or patience, kill the turkeys so we all can get a vanity pet (I assume that's why, since that's the reward). If you find another zone with a high population of cute fuzzy critters to mutilate, then you can just replace "fjord turkey" in the macro. The "[nodead]" is recommended; otherwise, you will be targeting dead bodies (very annoying). Good luck grinding out the 50,000 kills.