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Raid Report 1/23

Here you go.

Use this as your DPS baselines, you should never be doing less than that fight!
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Raid Report 1/19


I shortcutted to the poison bomb section, to highlight a few things. First, are you taking too much damage from them? thats the first table.

Second, are you switching to them DPS? We had bad dps on these last night, ALL DPS must switch to them immediately. Check out the rest of your data, damage done and then figure out what was killing you. It ws overall a big improvement from the last one. Thanks!
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When Deathwing Attacks

Figured I'd show you what you get to see when Deathwing randomly attacks your happy questing area.

Then he lights things on fire...

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Raid Report 1/15

Here it is

Do not cry! We will get the hang of this shit soon.
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Raid Report 1/12

Here you go!

If you havent used a raid report before, you can sort through data at the top with the menus. Click your name to see details. The default view I;ve given you is the average damage for each person over all Magmaw encounters.

Right now our Achilles heel is DPS, we are not doing enough to be raiding. Please find a way to improve, there is room for improvement for all 6 of us. I'm happy to help if asked. Thanks!